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Due to recent NHS Guidelines patients aged 11-15 year old (inclusive) are no longer able to obtain online access for confidentiality reasons. Any patients who have had this access in the past unfortunately have had this access removed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please be aware surgery will be closed last thursday of every month - 1pm - 2pm , due to staff meeting.

Horne Street Surgery offers a professional caring service for all your healthcare   needs

Dear Patients,

The doctors and staff at Horne Street Surgery in Halifax are proud to offer the highest standard of patient-centred healthcare. We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes and offer a wide variety of other medical services including postnatal care, minor surgery, childhood vaccinations and well-person check-ups.  New patients who live in our catchment area are more than welcome to join us!

The practice consists of one doctor.

  • Dr M S K Niazi MBBS DPD (Male)

It is advisable to keep this leaflet near to your telephone.  

 Please find  Patient survey reports below:

Patient Survey Report 2017

 Patient Survey Report 2016

Please find PRG(Patient Reference Group) meeting minutes:



 OBJECT:  The object of the Group is to promote co-operation between the Practice and Patient to the benefit of both.

AIMS:  The aims of the Group are for discussion of issues of general interest and benefit of all patients and staff.  It is not for airing individual member’s specific problems.  The latter must be discussed with the Practice Manager at the surgery.

HEALTH : The practice & the Group will discuss the practise of any health education

EDUCATION: Needs of the community.

COMMUNITY:The Group should have a role in assisting in the assessment of  Community needs

NEEDTo help the Practice improve its services.

PRIMARY CARE:  The Group should be informed of the general practice policies relating to the patient health and care services provided by the practice.

ORGANISATION:  CCG to which it belongs or its successors.  The Group may express opinions on these policies on behalf of the patients.  The Practice should give appropriate consideration to these options or its successor within their CCG.

MEMBERSHIPMembership shall be open and free to all patients and staff of the Practice. 

NOTICES OF MEETING,MINUTES EVENTS AND INFORMATIONMust be displayed prominently in the surgery waiting room and on practice website.

 NOTICE AND APPLICATION OF CONSTITUTION:    A copy of this constitution will be displayed in the surgery waiting room and on the practice website.

Horne Street Surgery

Patient Group Report March 2017


  This report is intended to provide an update on the Patient Group report of the previous year, including the results of this year’s patient survey, Practice and Patient Group Profile Horne Street Surgery.  We serve a patient population of almost 4136 patients and collectively, our clinicians offer over 3040 appointments per month which includes GPs,  Practice Nurse, Phlebotomist, and Health Care Assistant, Review Clinics, telephone triage and face to face consultations.

 The Practice has a long established Patient Group. In 2006 the Practice made efforts to “re energise” the group and was successful in recruiting a significant number of new members, most of whom still contribute regularly. The Practice believes very strongly in the value of the views of patients and has regularly sought the views of the group when seeking to significantly change its services.

 The group meets with a structured agenda and terms of reference quarterly a year and usually has in attendance between 7 to 10 patients, as well as both GPs, practice manager, Practice nurse and 2-3 reception staff.

 The agenda is agreed in advance and goes out to all members with invitation, staff and GP partners and on our website. The minutes are distributed in the same way.

 The meetings always include a presentation from either Practice clinicians or experts from other organisations and have included such subjects as Diabetes management, support for carers, summary care record, public health issues such as weight management and obesity, prescribing and GP commissioning.

 Meetings are now more often held in early evening, in an effort to attract different members. This seems to have some impact with more regular attendees. The group will continue to be flexible, balancing the needs of our committed members with the desire to meet at times more attractive to potential new members.

 We are very proud of our relationship with the group and are committed to a continued positive and consultative partnership.

The following table illustrates our patient population’s age / ethnicity / gender profile and offers a comparison against that of our Patient Group.

 Horne Street Surgery Patient Group Profile:

Practice population profile

Practice profile

 Patient Group profile

16 and under





















75 and Over









White British









white & black Caribbean



White & black African



White & Asian






Asian or Asian British


Asian or Asian British













Black or British Black


Black or British Black










Chinese or other Ethnic Group


Chinese or other Ethnic Group




Any Other




Practice Population Profile

Patient Group Profile

Male                 2188


Female             1939






 It is difficult to make an accurate assessment of the age, ethnicity and gender of our Patient Group profile in comparison with our overall patient population. There are a number of reasons for this.

 Firstly, although our Patient Group contains a number of patients who attend almost every meeting, there are a significant number of others who attend on an adhoc basis. The group is also open to any and all of our patients which means that membership fluctuates.

 Therefore, a group profile taken at a particular point in time is likely to be very different from a profile taken at another time.

Despite unreliable statistical data it is fair to say that our catchment area does include a high percentage of patients in ethnic groups other than “white British” and that our Patient Group profile reflects this.

Local Practice Survey

 Representatives of the Patient Group, Practice staff and GP partners with help of Patient Dynamic Service designed the survey in December 2012.  This year, the Patient Group agreed that we should run the same survey (with few changes) in order that we might make meaningful comparisons on performance.

The results of the survey and our action plan have been posted on our website,uk.

Paper copies were also available on our notice board and at reception. Progress against the plan will be discussed at Patient Group meetings and in meetings with GP partners and staff.

As usual patients response is very low to the survey- same as previous year.

-  There are a number of themes which run through the responses-

-  Clinical care continues to be excellent

- The quality of waiting room information has improved

- The performance of our non-clinical staff is excellent overall.

- Satisfaction with GPs gone bit down but satisfaction with whole practice has gone up.

In addition to “general” comments and views about the Practice, the survey also gave patients the opportunity to comment on the performance of individual GPs and nurses.

It was pleasing to hear at the meeting, which was also reflected in the survey, that there was a marked improvement in how our reception team is perceived by our patients.

The significance of this cannot be understated. This continues to demonstrate a “joined up” approach to improving the service we give to patients and the desire to do this is a sustained way, looking at every area of performance with particular emphasis on what the patients are telling us is wrong.

The Practice is open from 8 am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday every week with the exception of Bank Holidays. We provide extended hours opening from 6.30pm – 7.30pm every Tuesday; both GPs have 1 hour session. Patients are seen in surgery by appointment only.

In winter practice provide extra 14 appointments for winter resilience

We guarantee that patients who need an urgent appointment will be seen by a Clinician on the same day via our triage system. This is a system now being adopted by a number of Practices across Calderdale.

 Routine appointments can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance. We also carry out telephone advice calls and home visits.

In view of the need to consistently provide a clinically excellent service, matched against the expectations of our patients as highlighted in the survey, we continue to review our access arrangements.

In addition, the Practice clinicians run a number of specialist clinics which make access to such services easier for our patients.

These include all chronic diseases which include Diabetes, Ischaemic Heart Disease, COPD, Mental Health, Dermatology and Asthma etc.

We also host a number of services provided by other organisations such as Hypertension, Chiropodist, Ultrasound, and Medicine Management Clinic etc.

Online Registration:

Practice is on ongoing process registering patients for online service; this will give patients to make an appointment online, ordering Repeat prescription online, access to their summary care record and access to their read coded medical records and blood reports.


The Practice has an established history of “formal patient participation” and recognises its value.  We are very fortunate in that a number of our patients share the same view and are willing to commit their time and expertise to both the group, and to other specific pieces of work which arise from time to time.

A copy of this report has been sent to-All of our GP partners and staff,All members of the Patient Group

Horne Street Surgery PRG Meeting Minutes

Date: 23 February 2017

Venue: Horne Street Surgery

Time: 18.30 – 20.00



Dr I Hussain


Dr M S K Niazi


Shama Hussain

Practice Manager

Val Clegg

Practice Nurse

Shamim Akhtar

Phlebotomist/smoking advisor/admin

Tracy Brennan


Vijaya Deverapalli

Health care assistant/minute taker


Mr DL, Mrs CL, Mr GH, Mr RD, Mr MH, Mrs MA, Mr SU


Mr BH, MS SS, Miss JP, Ms SK, Ms SB.

Welcome & Light Refreshment

Topic Discussed:

  • Dr Hussain’s Retirement on 31 March 2017
  • Discussed patient access plan from April 2017
  • Improving Patient Access

Dr Hussain’s Retirement:

Dr Hussain has notified NHS England that he intends to retire from practice with effect from 31st March 2017. 

From 1st April 2017 Dr Niazi will be only GP working at Horne Street Surgery, surgery will be run same as before and patients will be provided access adequately as now.

Practice is employing ANP:

  • For time being practice is not taking a partner as GPs are not interested joining as partner.
  • Surgery advertised the both posts G.P and ANP, but most of the Doctors don’t want to become partners, so trying to get long term locum for time being.
  • Eileen our advance practice nurse will continue working 2 full days on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Practice employed Subhan (ANP), who is working full days on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Dr Niazi’s sessions will run same as it is. 
  • Practice is updating their practice leaflet very soon. 

In-house patient survey:

Mrs Hussain informed all group members as discussed in previous meeting, surgery is running an in-house patient survey, practice will appreciate if group can help practice by passing message to patients to come to practice and fill the survey form. Patient survey forms been handed out to patients to fill this in and drop this to reception.

Online Registration:

Mrs Hussain explained that only 2% patients has been registered for online registration and NHS England wants all the practices to achieve minimum 10% of practice population to registered online.

Patients raised few login issues and email information e.g. system is bit complicated. Sometime password doesn’t work.  Mrs H asks them to have a go with online login and let practice know if there is any problem.   Dr Niazi explained the group benefits of online registration;

-          Can book online appointments

-          Order repeat prescription

-          Check if patient have any allergy

-          Access to Summary care record

-          Access to read coded medical record including Blood Tests results.

 You Said we Did:

  • Reducing Telephone Ques:

You said surgery telephone is very busy, always in ques.

We did introduce new system, patient can call 8 – 12 pm to get same day Triage appointment have reduced the telephone que to some extent.

  • One of the group members raised issues making an appointment; some days when they call to make an appointment;  by 9am all appointments are gone.
  • Mrs Hussain explained generally Mondays and Tuesdays are busy days.  Tuesdays Dr Hussain does Diabetes review clinic so there are only limited appointments available.  Again Thursday is baby clinic and practice has limited appointments.


You said want more appointments.

Surgery offering more appointment in new appointment system, between 2 GPs practice offering more than 75 appointments per day excluding extended hours.  All the appointments are same day appointments and are telephone triage.

  • Appointment Changes from April 2017
  •  From April practice is offering pre-booked appointments to our patients, which can be booked 4 weeks ahead.
  •  Increase in online appointments for patients ease to book an appointment.
  •  All minor Ailments are going to be seen by advance nurse practitioners.


PRG group members want to arrange a farewell party for Dr Hussain.

 Next Meeting TBA

 Action Plan for 2017 - 2018:


Action Plan

Completion Date

Book Ahead Appointments

There are 8 pre-booked appointments available 5 days a week, which can be booked 4 weeks ahead.

1st April 2017

Cope with Health Problems

Care plan for chronic disease patients, sign posting for local community groups. Referral to local services.

1 May 2017

Practice Help patients to keep well

Poster, Notices, Leaflets for patient where to go for help and advice. Identifying some key local support groups, NHs Choice, Healthy Living etc.

30th April 2017

Telephone Access/appointments

Ongoing problem, practice has done audits on telephone demand; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are the busiest day when demand is higher than other days.

Extra 10 appointments each day will be increased on Monday and Tuesdays.



30 April 2017


Reducing Telephone Ques



Again Audit taken place in month of October - December to re-assess our capacity and demand of appointments.  In order to make changes to improve access. Still Monday and Tuesday are the busiest day of week.


From 1st April patients can pre-book appointments with our ANPs for face to face consultation.



  • Telephone Triage
  • Same Day Appointment
  • Pre-Booked Appointment
  • Winter Pressure
  • Extended Hours
  • Practice Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Phlebotomist/Smoking cessation Adviser
  • Hypertension Clinic provide by Pharmacist
  • Online services to book an appointment, order repeat prescription, access to summary care record.


Practice Issues


DNAs: High Volume of DNAs despite of same day appointments.




Patients can call practice 08.00 – 12.00 to book same day appointment.  This has reduced the call volume to an extent.


We are also looking at what our current telephone operating system can do to improve directing you to the most operate person to deal with your call, freeing up the appointment lines.

 PRG Meeting Minutes 2016



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