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Patient Reference Group

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What is a Patient Reference Group (PRG)?

With an update to the GP contract in April 2011, came a requirement for each practice to set up its own Patient Reference Group (PRG). We are required to promote proactive engagement with patients and undertake local surveys. This is intended to ensure patients are involved in ongoing planning and decision making about practice changes. A PRG would consist of a group of registered patients who are representative of our practice population at large. The group would meet regularly to discuss issues and ways of improving services for the benefit of patients.

What issues would a PRG look at?

A PRG could work with the practice on issues such as access to appointments, both same day and book ahead, but will also look at issues such as continuity of care, the range of skills available, mechanisms to access practices and geographical access. The issues to look at would be discussed and agreed between the PRG and the practice.

What then?

Once the priority areas were agreed, the practice would undertake a survey and discuss the survey result with the PRG, agree the action plan with the PRG then publicise those actions on the practice website.

I've heard about a virtual PRG. What's that?

Membership of the PRG is open to all currently registered patients of Horne Street Surgery. However, some patients may be unable or unwilling to attend PRG meetings. Although the details are not yet worked out, it may be possible to talk to, debate issues with, get consensus from, agree actions with members of the PRG without their need to attend face to face meetings, a so-called virtual PRG. Obviously the performance of the group would have to be monitored to ensure that it maintained the same standards as a normal PRG.

OK, I'm interested, what do I do?

Come to the regular meetings of our Patient Group to find out more. The date of the next meeting will be posted on our home page.

If you are one of our patients, and want a say in improving the service we give and want to take part in discussion and decision making, and then please consider coming along to the meetings and joining our Patient Group. If you are going to attend, please let our practice manager know by ringing 0844 4773 694/0142 2357 333

If you wish to email our Patient Reference Group, please feel free to use the address below.



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