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Patient Reference Group Minutes



Horne Street Surgery


Patient Reference Group Meeting


Venue: Horne Street Health Centre                        Date:  Thursday 15 March 2018


Present: Dr MSK Niazi, Chair,Elizabeth Foster, Minute Taker, Shama Hussain, Shamim     Akhtar,S U,R D,G H,S I,B L,C L,D L,NA,J P.


GP Access:

Ipos Mori Survey Report:


Shama informed that group that a recent survey had been carried out across the Region regards the services that GP Practices Provide and the experience of its patients.  Out of 386 reports going out to Horne Street Surgery patients only 53 responses were received back.

The report was compared against Queens Road Surgery, as patients registered here were from within the same geographical area and ethnicity.   It was found that although there were slight differences in some areas the results came out nearly the same.

Discussions took place around the table and it was indicated that the low response was probably because a large percentage of our patients were unable to read and write.

S U advised that this should not negate a response as usually there was someone within the family that would be able to complete the form on behalf of the patient.


S U advised that talk amongst the community was very negative towards the Practice, especially the ability to obtain appointments.  This was also indicated in the Ipos Mori report and was frequently noted on the Family & Friends feedback forms.  He said patients didn’t think it was fair that they could onlyPRG Meeting minutes 2018 get appointments at 8.00am.  


Elizabeth explained that there is some misunderstanding around this statement.  Appointments are available to book on a ‘first come, first served basis.    As most patients are aware of this, especially frequent visitors, they will ring/visit the Surgery at 8.00am to secure an appointment, often requesting more than one appointment as they book for family members too.   The outcome then for patients ringing/visiting later in the day is that there are no appointments left, hence Reception staff advising that it may be a good idea if the patients rings/calls into the Surgery at 8.00am the following day to secure an appointment.  Please note that Reception staff will not book more than 2 appointments for family members at the same address on the same day.

 Shama mentioned that a large number of patients thought it was normal to visit the Surgery for minor ailments such as coughs, colds, headaches etc. and will insist that they need to see the Doctor.   These patients should be visiting their local Pharmacy rather than taking up valuable GP time.   The Reception staffs tries and give this information to the patient but often get a negative response back.  Staffs are not medially trained so are unable to refuse anyone an appointment unless all appointments have been taken.

Dr Niazi mentioned GMS contract say practices need to provide 70 appointments per week for per 1000 patients, which come to 290 appointments.  Practice is offering more than 320 appointments per week.  This figure is monitored by quarterly audits which need to send to CALDERDALE CCG.

Different options were put forward to try and make the booking of appointments easier or more accessible but all had been tried in the past without success.

Dr Niazi advised he would welcome any changes to the appointment system that would make it better for both the Surgery and patients but nothing feasible was put forward.

The group were all aware of the ability to book appointments on line but it was noted that although patients were signing up to on-line access only a handful actually used the system.

‘Did not Attend’ appointments were also discussed (DNAs).   Dr Niazi advised that as the appointments were booked on the same day we didn’t get many of these, they only usually occur for pre-booked appointments i.e. review or Practice Nurse Appointments. 


Shama said that any patient who DNA’d twice within a short period would receive a warning letter and on a third occasion will be removed from the practice.


It was noted that when a text is received it doesn’t contain the name of the Patient whom it is intended for as one telephone number is used by all members of family; especially children have same contact number as their mother.  This is confusing for some patients as they are the main contact for familymembers.

Elizabeth explained that there is no option within the clinical system to direct the message to a specific name unless it was typed out on an individual basis which would take up valuable time of the dministrative staff.  Shama advise that practice can check with IT department if there is any option.


Online Appointments for Practice Nurse:

S I and N A asked if practice can offer online appointments for practice nurses as women prefers to see female clinicians for some of their problem.  Shama agreed and promised that she will create online appointments for PN.


Stop Third Party Requesting Repeat Prescription (pharmacist)


Discussions on this subject also centred on patients no longer being able to let their nominated Pharmacy order their repeat prescriptions.  Again there had been some misunderstanding on this change.

Elizabeth advised that this decision was implemented by the Calderdale Commissioning Group (CCG).  The logicality behind the decision is that repeat medications ordered by the Pharmacies were no longer needed, and stockpiles were being kept by patients.  Patients also reduced their attendance at Surgeries to have their mandatory medication reviews.


  The only change that has been made is that Patients now need to visit the surgery to order repeats, a relative can order on their behalf if they know what the patient requires.  Nothing else has changed i.e. if you have a nominated Pharmacy that supplies/delivers your medication, this will continue.

The only exception to the above is patients that are house bound or deemed to have no one to collect on their behalf; the Pharmacy will still be able to order on their behalf.  Such patients will have this service authorised by the Doctor.

A list of routinely prescribed products was shared with the group.  This came as a shock to most of the group as they weren’t aware that such products could be obtained via prescription.

Stop Routinely Prescribing Products

It was explained that these were being taken off the prescribing list as they could be obtained cheaper without a prescription over the counter.

Information for patients detailing the above changes can be found via the notice board and in the patient information book within the Surgery.  Patient information leaflets have also been inserted into packages handed out/delivered by the Pharmacies.

S U advised he had attended the CCG meeting were ‘good ideas’ had been shared.  Bank field Surgery, Elland have implemented a Practice Champions process where appointed Champions act on behalf of all patients in putting forward ideas or dissatisfaction they may be experiencing.  They will then work with the Practice to obtain a mutual resolution to any such problem.  Shama advised this is something that she will look at.  N A and S I offered there service to work as a link worker for practice on voluntary basis. 

Calderdale Group Practice:

Dr Niazi advised that this is still in the planning phase.  Ten practices were still showing their interest but at present there is no set date for the practices to merge into one organisation, although momentum is picking up pace.

Presently the procurement of utilities, cleaning, telephone, Stationary etc. was being sourced to get the best possible price as a Group. 

The skill mix of all back office staff across the 10 sites was being identified.  This will ensure that we have enough cover across all sites when the need arises and there is more potential for staff development. 


Action Plan for 2018 - 2019:





Action Plan

Completion Date

Offering more online Appointments

Practice will open more online appointments for patients; depends on demand.

1st April 2018

Online appointments for female Nurses



 On patients request there will be 12 online appointments will be available for practice nurse.


Cope with Health Problems

Care plan for chronic disease patients, sign posting for local community groups. Referral to local services.

On going

Practice Help patients to keep well

Poster, Notices, Leaflets for patient where to go for help and advice. Identifying some key local support groups, NHs Choice, Healthy Living etc.

On going

Telephone Access/appointments

Ongoing problem, practice tried several ways to increase patient access, as long patients do not take responsibility to use right services for their needs, practice has stretched appointments to its maximum.

Practice is planning to take help from patient group to educate patients with sign posting.


June 2018





You said - we did



Reducing Telephone Ques

Practice will ask telephone provider to add message on

Telephone system to inform patients to call practice 08.00 – 11.00 only for appointments, for any other reason call after 11.00 am. 




Online Practice Nurse Appointments

There are weekly 12 online appointments available for Practice Nurse.





Patient Education, to use other services available in area. No need to come to GP for minor ailment, this can be dealt by local Pharmacist.




 Date and Time of Next Meeting: 

It was agreed that future meetings will be held on a Wednesday at 5.00pm.  A text reminder will be sent to all members to remind them of the next meeting.



Date:                Wednesday 1 August 2018

Time:               5.00pm

Venue:             Meeting Room, Horne Street Surgery


PRG Meeting minutes 2017

Horne Street Surgery PRG Meeting minute 20.3.14.docx


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